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Portable Fire Extingusher is an elementary fire fighting equipment intended for first-aid fire fighting during the initial outbreak of fire incident. It is important to prevent escalation into a full scale fire. With a proper usage of portable fire extinguisher, it often effectively control and extinguish a fire even before fire authorities is summoned. However, fire extinguisher is not suppose to be used against a large scale fire.

Portable fire extinguisher should be suitably selected for the type of fire according to the classification and the fire size. As per guidance of the Bomba, fire extinguisher should sited in suitable locations in close proximity to the potential fire hazards. Portable fire extinguishers should have minimum gross weight but with higher fire rating in order to be user friendly and shall be able to be carried and operated by one person.

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Types of fire extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguisher are elementary fire fighting equipment intended for first-aid fire fighting. Find out our range of fire extinguishers for your homes, offices, factories, kitchens and vehicles.